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Services & Skills

Traditional artistic skills are the backbone of great studio creativity, whilst sound technical skills make pattern designs industry ready. So here's what I can offer you:
  • Concept and design creation

  • Technical repeats

  • Image Manipulation

  • Graphic Design

  • Collaborations

  • Handpainting

  • Drawing and sketching

  • Collage

  • Printmaking : 

    Screenprinting, Collograph
    Relief prints e.g. linocut, leaf prints
    Intaglio, Monoprint
Prints and patterns suitable for:
Womenswear, Kidswear, Menswear, Activewear,
Interiors, Accessories, Stationery & Paper Products.
In The Studio

Pattern Designs

The patterns you will see here are created by Elizabeth Cadd. She has an intuitive painting and printmaking style, developed over years as an artist. She uses mono screenprinting, relief, collage, watercolours and hand drawing to create her designs. Working quickly helps to bring a fresh, spontaneous feel, with dynamic brushmarks and layered colours.

“Having an experimental approach to pattern development, and a willingness to embrace the accidental helps to keep my work fresh. I love colour; – and this passion along with a playfulness are key to my distinctive style.”

All the work you see here is my own. It is a portfolio I am extremely proud of, so please dive in an enjoy!  ~ Elizabeth Cadd
A Little About Me


Hi, I’m Elizabeth Cadd, the creative force behind Four Elements Design Studio.  I’m a self taught Artist and experienced Printmaker. I worked as a freelance Graphic & Web Designer for over 12 years on many different creative projects – for theatres, schools, artists, farms and manufacturing businesses. 
Now I’m excited to bring these disciplines together with my love of pattern design. I hope my unique perspective and artistic vision can bring something new to the surface pattern design world, and brighten a few lives along the way!
As you can see I live in the beautiful rural area of North Shropshire. In this quiet backwater, I love experiencing the seasons, the walks across fields and sailing on the local meres. My garden, plants and wildlife are a constant source of inspiration; whilst the endless changes of nature provides wonderful fuel for the imagination.
Working for the environment

Creating a greener business

During my life I have also worked and volunteered on many practical conservation projects throughout the UK. Over many years, I eventually became an experienced woodland craftsperson, gaining great insight into the mental benefits of unplugging from the digital world, and living a simple life, working with nature, in a plastic-free natural environment. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been able to do this, making lifelong friends in the process.
For this new business venture, I have often grappled with how I can create a ‘greener’ pattern design business in the wake of consumerism, fashion industry waste, pollution and climate change. Personally, I try to stay vigilant of my energy use and materials, recycling where I can – and offsetting when I can’t. My aim here is to create a simple, efficient business model that not only benefits people, but also the environment too.
Coupling my life long love of trees and the benefits they provide us; I have committed to planting five new trees for every pattern design sold to offset the carbon footprint of my business. This will be measured and recorded over time. It is my hope is that this small start will grow into a much bigger project in future. With the help of eco conscious buyers, I would love to start creating an entirely new woodland in Shropshire!